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Project IGI 1 - I'm Going Highly Compressed PC Game

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Project IGI: I'm Going In follows in the trend of the Rainbow Six series, the Delta Force series, and SWAT three. It eschews the outlandish futuristic weapons and imaginary settings of several traditional shooters and focuses instead on modern realism. In the game, you play as David Llewelyn Jones, a former Unique Air Service member who now functions as a freelance operative for both the British and American governments. The game functions a blend of stealth, covert surveillance, and higher-powered firefights at secret military bases, and it has considerably of the thrill and daring of the James Bond films of the late Cold War era.
Project IGI is a strictly single-player game with 14 missions that are frequently large and complex, but they're divided into smaller sized, more manageable objectives. Regrettably, there's no way to save your game during a mission, and even on the lowest difficulty setting, some missions can be really difficult, and they will inevitably call for you to restart from scratch a number of occasions just before you achieve good results. Since you'll normally be infiltrating military installations, you will run into swarms of guards, numerous of whom stand waiting in towers with their sniper rifles. Death awaits at every corner. The abundance of guards is essential due to the fact the game's enemy artificial intelligence is spotty if not downright poor, as enemies at times stand obliviously when you kill one particular of their comrades, who is only a couple of feet in front of them. Also, the game often cheats by making guards appear out of thin air or from buildings that you have already cleared.

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Method Needs

OS: Windows Xp, Vista, 7, eight
System: Pentium 3 Prrocessor 633 MHz
Ram: 128 MB
File Size: 500 MB

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Sort: Pc Game
Language: English
Total Size: 294.71 MB
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Title: Project IGI 1 - I'm Going Highly Compressed PC Game
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