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Add Custom Robots .txt file and header tags to Blogger

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You know that it is a Search engine optimisation coaching Section and in this post i inform you about Custom Robots. Robots.txt technique is a best way to inform search engines no matter whether they are let to index a web page in the search benefits or not. The bots are automated and prior to they access to your web site, they check the robots.txt file to make positive regardless of whether they are permitted to crawl this page or not. Sometime, folks do not want to quit looking engine from crawling their entire site. Therefore, these days i will tell you a excellent approach about Robots.txt file and Robot Header tags that how to develop and add these characteristics your weblog. You have to only adhere to my directions to make your weblog perfect to Search Engines.

1. What is Custom robots.txt file and how to develop and add it to your Blog?

Custom robots.txt: This selection offers you the potential to edit your whole robots.txt file. You can just type your content material whether or not you want the content material to be crawled by spiders or not. Nevertheless, You can usually undo your actions and can usually revert back to standard. 

How to Add custom robots.txt to Blogger
i). Go to Blogger Dashboard> Settings> Search Preferences
ii). Now Click on Edit "Custom robots.txt"
iii). Click on "Yes" to Edit this function
iv). Now Add the below set of Code
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Permit: /
Sitemap: http://filezooby.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED

Now replace http://filezooby.blogspot.com with your weblog address and save it, you carried out it.
Note: Be careful about editing robots.txt. Any error can bring penalty for your blog indexing and crawling.

2. What is Custom Robots Header tags and how to create and add it to your Weblog?

Custom robots header tags: This choice is a bit completed. It does not supply you the capability to write your codes as an alternative it provides few alternatives with the check boxes. So, if have no concept about head tags then stay away from it.

How to Add custom Robots Header tags to Blogger
i). Go to Blogger Dashboard> Settings> Search Preferences
ii). Now Click on Edit "Custom robots header tags"
iii). And adhere to the beneath image and place the mark like the blow image

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