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Divekick PC Game Highly Compressed

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Divekick is the world’s very first two-button fighting game. It distills the essence of the fighting game genre into just two buttons with no d-pad directional movement. Divekick’s focused gameplay demonstrates how a lot depth a single move really has, and introduces expertise basic to the genre: mind games, spacing, timing, and swift reactions.                              
At Iron Galaxy we love fighting games. To the average fan, most of what tends to make them exciting is hidden behind a by no means-ending series of input combinations that they have to memorize. That is why Divekick has just two buttons: Dive (into the air) makes your character jump straight up. Kick causes your character to fly foot very first at a downward angle. If you press Kick on the ground, you can jump away from your opponent. Using these moves, the very first hit will win the round, and the player that wins 5 rounds 1st wins the game. It is pure adrenaline, awareness, and outsmarting your enemy. It is a fighting game deconstructed into its purest kind.

Divekick Functions

  • 13 Completely distinctive and original characters, every with their own fighting style and particular strategies. That's 91 exclusive match-ups to play and discover.
  • A story for every character in the game, like an intro, ending, and rival battles. You will be moved to tears!
  • Ranked and non-ranked GGPO-powered on the internet play, the most trusted netcode in fighting games. Consists of ranking boards for every single character, as well as general.
  • Neighborhood VS play for two players, with quick and simple button reconfiguration to accommodate a room full of exclusive personalities.
  • Full Steamworks integration, including Massive Picture Mode.

Game Trailer

Installation Guide

  1. Unrar with WinRAR
  2. Run Setup.exe for install
  3. Have Exciting!!!
  4. Do not forget to add an exception to your antivirus (if needed)
  5. Block all game executables in your firewall
  6. Assistance the application developers. If you like this game, Get IT!

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